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Keith Adams
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Adams on Equipment

"I initially spent a lot of time trying to emulate the tones of bands I love, including ones I've been a part of. I wanted to have a great overall audio environment that I could populate with my performances. But in the end, I also wanted to make certain that each of the songs had my signature, plus its own individual flavor. The more you dwell on sounding like someone else, the less you sound like yourself.

"Of course it simplifies matters that I don't have even a fraction of the budget of my favorite artists, so I had to do some serious improvising with gear I already had. I guess that's a way to get some flavor."

Computer 2.5 GHz Intel Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HD, SoundBlaster Audigy2
Software Cakewalk Sonar 2.2; FruityLoops 3.4; Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 5.0; various SoundFonts for samples; various audio effects plugins
Mixing Board Phonic MM1202 12-Channel Powered Mixer
Microphones Shure AXS 3; Sennheiser e835 S
Guitar Fender American Standard "Fat Strat" Stratocaster
Bass Danelectro DC Bass
Guitar Effects Ensoniq DP/4; Line 6 Pod v2.0
MIDI Keyboard Quickshot MIDI Composer (MIDI controller; no sounds onboard)
Drums Roland V-Drums Professional

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