The Proper Authorities

Perfect Alibi cover artwork

Perfect Alibi

Released Feb 26, 2021

Dreamy synth, high-power guitars, and a pulse-pounding rhythm section set the stage for this epic, sensual retrospective on a souring relationship, the increasingly visible cracks in its foundation, and the search for a truth that seems already discovered.

1. Perfect Alibi [3:41]
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Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Keith Adams. Copyright © 2020 Authoritative Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Cover art illustration by Chay Ruby.

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SINGLE REVIEW: Perfect Alibi by The Proper Authorities

The Faulkner Review, 3/26/2021 [link here]

​...Perfect Alibi is an upbeat, strident pop/rock track that really showcases Keith Adams’ considerable abilities as singer, songwriter and producer… ...It takes great skill to write a first rate pop song and then huge talent to make the creat…   [read more]

The Proper Authorities Electrify In “Perfect Alibi”

Ratings Game Music, 3/26/2021 [link here]

...“Perfect Alibi” is one of those tracks that will make you feel like you are in outer space as you listen to it. It is powered by dreamy synth, electrifying guitar-play, and a tempo that will make you nod your head violently. The song also feat…   [read more]

The Proper Authorities: Perfect Alibi

Stereo Stickman, 3/26/2021 [link here]

Introducing a brilliantly crisp and warm rock sound, with soulful vocals taking a little inspiration from the likes of Prince as much so as the heavier bands of the nineties – The Proper Authorities weave a creatively melodic and conceptual web aro…   [read more]